The Great Forts, Cattle Trails & Lonesome Dove Drive Maps

Since 1995 Electric Books has evolved into a map specialty house with an emphasis on older North American cartography.  In addition, we custom publish selected printed reproductions of unique antique maps and electronic CD compilations of specialized antique maps from our collection using custom designed software.

The Great Trails Maps

Two exclusive copyrighted designs based on antique S.A. Mitchell maps from our collection.  Perfect for western historians, researchers, western fiction readers, military historians, museums, schools, academics and scholars as a reference. Carefully researched and presented in large scale for easy readability on fine, acid free parchment paper. Three sizes available.

1881~The Lonesome Dove & Great Cattle Trails Map

An exclusive copyrighted design based on an original 1881 US map by S.A. Mitchell. Overlaid on this gorgeous map is the track of the fictional Lonesome Dove Cattle Drive to Montana as described by Larry McMurtry in his epic novel. Included are simple notes defining the major events of the drive. The Chisholm, Great Western, Shawnee and the other major overland cattle trails are also overlaid in their correct positions. This is a very powerful and informative map. Available in three sizes.

1876~Great Texas & Southwestern Cattle Trails, Stages, Frontier Forts & Railroads


An exclusive copyrighted design featuring a stunning 1876 S.A Mitchell map of Texas, Indian Territory and New Mexico overlaid with the established routes of the Chisholm, Great Eastern, Great Western or Dodge City, Goodnight-Loving & Shawnee cattle trails, the Butterfield Overland Stage Line, the very few early Texas railroads, and the locations of most the Frontier Forts plus other detail. Available in three sizes.

Antique Maps of Texas

Large, decorative, limited edition reproduction prints of very scarce antique maps of Texas. Many available in several sizes to fit 24”x36”, 18”x24” and 11”x14” frames or to mat to different sizes.


Antique State Maps of Texas

 Antique Texas map reproductions starting at 1780 with the Spanish Colonial and continuing up through the Texas Republic, Statehood, the Civil War, Reconstruction and the 1st 25 years of the 19th century. Available in various sizes.

Antique Historic Texas Maps

A number of early Texas maps made during the exploration and development of the land and coasts of Texas. Many are from the images on the Antique Maps of Texas™ CD and printed at even at even higher resolution.

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